Well I just had my second night out at a WI - this time in East Dulwich. My first venture into the world of the WI was a couple of weeks ago to the Streatham Branch which has only been going for a few months.

Deirdre and I chose a good night to try it out as they were having a wine tasting quiz night with chocolate and cheese.  It's a shame but I don't drink wine but I still gave my opinion on the smell and D did the tasting.  We sat on a table with 3 fairly new members who were very nice and seemed to know a little more about wine than we did.  Amazingly we won the first half of the event which was on white wine. I think we came fourth overall at the end of the night.  The cheese and chocolate were my favourite bits! Everyone was very friendly and I had an enjoyable evening.  

Tonight's WI was in East Dulwich and has been going for several years and it was grow your own vegetables night where a lady called Jane told what we need to do to grow veggies and then at the end we each planted our own tomato seeds in a little pot to bring home. Again everyone was very nice and friendly.  I went on my own this time and sat on a table with three other "guests" and a couple of fairly new members. It was an interesting night and I now have to nurture these tomatoe plants to get some produce in a couple of months time. I will have to ask Georgia to foster them while I am away.

I will now have to decide which of the two WIs I want to join but I think I will need a couple of more visits to each of them before I decide.  Something to look forward to after my holiday.

Time for bed now - but not before I've watered my toms.

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