Its very scary starting a blog as its hard to think of what to say that would be remotely interesting to anyone who has the bad luck to find this site.  Also knowing that anyone in the world can look at this is pretty amazing.  I suppose on some level I have now opened myself up to becoming famous (or infamous)!

Perhaps I am going to be the new Carrie Bradshaw with my weekly column - who can be my Mr Big.  Unfortunately my life is not so exciting and various as Carrie's so please don't expect to be amazed.

I started this website because I thought it would be funny to have my own website but it has turned out to be a useful tool for people to see photos of my cakes amongst other things.
11/7/2012 22:35:19

Thanks for a great read.


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    My name is Lorraine but am more commonly known as Lauri - apart from by family! I will be 58 on my next birthday in July but still only feel 25.  I live in south London and am single.


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